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My name is Michelle Cesare and I'm an Internet entrepreneur who writes online to earn income.  With 7+ years experience writing online, I've become a seasoned content writer, website developer, image creator, video producer and Internet Marketer. I write about how I reached the point of earning daily residual income using free resources available on the web.

Where to start?  I asked myself that question and was lucky enough to find Revenue Sharing Websites seeking out people to write content on their platforms.  Free to join, no coding experience was needed and Revenue Sharing Website members only had to focus on writing content.  Joining article writing websites was the first step I took to set up financial backup security for myself.  I was open minded about new income opportunities the Internet unlocked and since then I've continued to gain financially.  Years of creating pieces of work floats throughout the web.  I now earn daily residual income when I'm not physically working online.

I worked free for a lot of years before earning daily residual income.  Of course I made many mistakes trying to speed up the process of earning residual income online.  However, finally I realized that I needed to allow content writing, website developing, image creating, video producing and Internet marketing to become a lifestyle activity.  My Internet business has become a part of my life.  I spend about 5+ hours a week writing content, working on websites, creating images, recording videos or Internet marketing.  I learned that you don't need to spend endless hours in front of a computer screen to earn income online.  Because of the 7+ years experience working on building something from nothing, I forged a routine of working online.

Most of the time I work first thing in the morning.  I do my best work at the crack of dawn.  When I start off a day writing a paragraph of amazing content, tweak a website, create a new image, edit a video or do some manual Internet marketing, I look forward to the rest of the day.  Being creative first thing in the morning excites me and it's because I understand that each time I produce a piece of work, I'm a step closer to earning thousands of dollars in residual income each month.  I look forward to the day that I can say I generate thousands of dollars in residual income every month.

It is impossible to take advantage of the endless free resources accessible via the web.  As you navigate through this website you will learn what I use to grow my Internet business.  I will share what free resources I use to enlarge my websites, blogs and articles and share what platforms I use to expand my online presence.

The first two Revenue Sharing Websites I joined was Hubpages and Infobarrel.  They both allow you to generate Adsense revenue and they both run their own revenue generating payout program.  Two amazing free to join websites where thousands of members write articles to earn extra income.  Both websites have excellent Forums to connect with members to ask questions and to share ideas.

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