Do Affiliate programs really work?  Yes.  You can earn a substantial amount of money promoting Affiliate programs.

What I find appealing about Affiliate programs is that many are free to join, offer free marketing materials and pay you by direct deposit or Paypal.  In my opinion, when an Affiliate program can pay you by direct deposit or Paypal, that tells me they are a reputable company.  I've been burned a few times and did not get paid from bogus Affiliate programs that are no longer around.  I will not join an Affiliate program unless they offer to pay by direct deposit or Paypal.

There are two Affiliate programs I promote that earn me monthly residual income.  Someday the Affiliate programs will earn me daily residual income.  Why?  Because I continue to promote both Affiliate programs to recruit new members.  I chose two Affiliate programs that offer a service that is in demand and each month I recruit at least one new member.  When a new person joins the Affiliate program through my Affiliate/Referral link, that new member is linked to me for life.  Each time the person I recruited uses the service, I earn income.  Over time the income I earn turns into residual income, then into monthly residual income and then eventually turns into daily residual income. 

What are the two Affiliate programs I enjoy promoting?  Brandcaster and Impactradius.  Both are Affiliate programs offering manufacturer coupons.  One offers free to print Internet coupons and the other offers digital coupons.

It is not necessary to own a Domain name to run a website to earn income online.  It is a personal choice.  I decided to buy one Domain name to promote my two favorite Affiliate programs.  People visit my website to print free grocery coupons.  Each time someone prints Internet coupons from my website and uses the coupons when they food shop, I earn income.

I enjoy earning residual income promoting Affiliate programs but I also enjoy earning free Internet advertising too.

I came across a free to join website where I would social share company ads and in return I would earn reward points.  Members can spend their earned reward points on merchandise, donations, gift cards, magazines, and music but I like to spend my points on advertising.  I create an ad campaign, upload it to the platform and members of the website social share my ads to earn reward points.

Advowire is the name of the website.  Free to join to receive prizes and free to join to Internet market too.